Angela Fisher the Queen of Scams!!

A name synonymous within the crypto space a marketer who makes money leading her flock of followers into scams.

Angela Fisher has blown millions of peoples money whilst she has sat back and collected commissions on their losses.

A Brief has been prepared for the Action Fraud Squad in the UK from one of Angela Fisher’s followers.

” Angela doesn’t care about us, she guarantees the scams but we are the loosers, she needs to be stopped”

Angela Fisher has not had one successful platform. Yet she still continues to promote scams at the loss of her followers because Angela cashes in on her commissions.

It is people like Angela Fisher that give the Crypto Space a bad name and finally now she might see the inside of a jail cell. is assisting authorities with their enquires

Angela Fisher Queen of Scams
The Queen of Scams

7 thoughts on “Angela Fisher the Queen of Scams!!

  1. Its made my day seeing this piece of trash on here and about time. The bitch has stolen 100’s of peoples coin and should be in a cell munching carpet for an earn.

  2. Needs to scam to keep herself dressed up as lamb because she is definately an old piece of mutton.

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