The What Now Group, a Facebook group of Criminals

Facebook has been made a pus pit of vulgarity and threats by a group of individuals who have branded themselves as the “What Now” Group.

The full of weak and gutless individuals using fake profiles, have been allowed to threaten people, stalk their place of residence, stalk their place of work, threaten families and children, to the point people have attempted suicide at the hand of their threats.

A Prominent Attorney has been collecting data from all their Facebook pages and has now gone to local authorities and government officials.

The gutless clan led by;

Graeme Whatman
James Pawnsey Jr
Steve Garf
Lee Penn
Amanda Bottom
Harald Meuffels
John Jameson
Aaron Perez
Dave Krammer

Facebook today confirmed they had received, briefs from organisations detailing a number of criminal offences committed by the group and was now investigating the case.

We invite anyone who has been threatened by this group of criminals to contact their local authorities.

11 thoughts on “The What Now Group, a Facebook group of Criminals

  1. lol, have had a look and the Trolls all using fake names!! lol what a group of weak as piss

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