Where have all the Shohan Bowalla’s Gone??

Serial Conman and Marketer Shohan Bowalla seems to have crawled back under the rock he came out of, for now.

Bowalla notorious for marketing scams and stealing from the platforms he leads his group into, has had a very low key entry to 2020.

Bowalla is known for fleecing the CTB platform of millions of dollars by infiltrating the owners with his facade of being a developer, changing the code and diverting funds to his own wallet.

Bowalla fleeced CTB of millions of dollars to support his excessive gambling habit.

Shortly after his CTB theft, he was caught doing the same at Recycle Bot where once again he had befriended owners and stole more than 30 BTC before he was caught.

His trail of disaster for the last 12 months includes FX Trading and the now crippled Cloud token.

Bowalla cashes in first by leading his group to the scam and extracting large commisions before his team are left holding the bag empty handed.

He recently fled Western Australia as a result of his CTB theft to avoid authorities and it is now confirmed that he has teamed up with William Ichioka to launch a platform known as ” Ichioka Investments”

Bowalla has never had any success in marketing however has the gift of the gab when it comes to recruiting new victims.

The Block Talks will be following his new ventures in 2020 so stay tuned to our updates.

It wont be long before he is back out recruiting people for another failed venture as his money starts to dry up as a result of his losses at the Crown Casino where he holds a high rollers card to enter all the private gambling rooms out of the site of the general public.

If you have had any dealings with Shohan drop us a line and let us know your story

Bowalla, was only recently posting on his Facebook page, asking his followers ” where do you think it all went wrong for Cloudtoken”

Something quite contradictory when he doesn’t care after reaping his rewards from the people he put into the platform.

3 thoughts on “Where have all the Shohan Bowalla’s Gone??

  1. lol old Scammer Bowalla!! that guy is a piece of excrement, the guy is at the casino everyday with other peoples money. A real piece of vermin.

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