Soledad Del Prado

Soledad Del Prado

The Liar

Soledad Del Prado

No this isnt a curtain call for the next cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, this is Soledad Del Prado, the woman at the centre of the current facebook rant claiming she has lost money with Recycle Bot.

Whilst this woman is allowed to defame and degrade and allege that she has been robbed by Recycle Bot on facebook, our investigations paint a very different picture.

Records of Soledad Del Prado’s account which has been depicted below, show that she has clearly made on todays market value approximately $10,000 USD from the platform.

Records also show that Soledad Del Prado abandoned her account almost 14 months prior to her outbursts to only come back swinging when the price of Crypto went up, looking for a meal ticket.

When that didnt work she decided to turn to promoting lies and defaming people with extortion attempts to get a payment.

When told to move along, Soledad Del Prado turned to the Haters Page for revenge. Revenge of what? if the haters page is a forum for people that have lost money, why is Soledad Del Prado given a voice on the page?

Soledad Del Prado, has not been robbed, yet is given a voice on the haters page because she is degrading someone and without that, the haters dont have a page. Haters Pages love the quality of human such as Soledad Del Prado who lie to get a voice accross.

These pages thrive on the lies and keyboard warriors that have an open ticket to write whatever they want true or not, as long as it is slagging others.

Soledad Del Prado’s Account at Recycle Bot

Soledad Del Prado’s Partner in Mouth, is Mr Chris Wilson, or Christopher Wilson, who goes depicted on his facebook profile with a picture of a cat.

Chris wilson

Mr Wilson, whilst leaving his wife to do the slagging, does have a tendency to go via the backdoor with threats via messenger.

He too claims being hard done by yet his account, pictured below, also tells a very different story.

Whilst facebook gives people like these a forum to dribble crap, it is evident that the wider community need to be alerted that there are people out there like these two, who believe lying is the best medicine to get an audience.

So over the coming weeks will be doing expose’s on the people who feel that sledging, slandering and defaming people with lies on social media is ok and we will be giving them the spotlight they are actually looking for.

Soldedad Del Prado and Chris Wilson
Soledad Del Prado.

39 thoughts on “Soledad Del Prado

  1. Sorry I cant keep from looking at just how ugly this woman is!! and on top of that a bloody good liar by the looks !!!

  2. Typical of people, they are just desperate fools trying to play the victim. She may need the money for a face lift, cause its a bot scary

  3. These sorts of people are really bad for the crypto market. They run around crying victime when it is clear their not.

  4. lol what a head!! she should be in radio not picture roles, it would turn your stomach looking at that

  5. I cant believe this woman is quoting not being paid when there ois TXID there to prove her payment. She must be a scammer. Her husband looks like he has down syndrome

  6. Not much can be said for this old biddy, except go and get yourself a cross stitch needle and stay off social media

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